Kings of the Wild

Josh James is a hardcore hunter from the backwoods of New Zealand; Matt Tebbutt is a British chef who lives for fine dining and loves foraging for wild food. Together the unlikely duo are about to face the toughest challenge of their lives. Their goal: to prove that they can eat like kings in some of the most remote places on earth.

They are determined to take on this challenge with only the most basic equipment and without the conveniences of 21st century life. Josh is familiar with rifle hunting for food and Matt usually has a kitchen stocked with fine ingredients, but they have left all that behind and will attempt to serve up restaurant-quality food in the wild.

First they must catch and collect the freshest ingredients nature has to offer. Hunter Josh is getting back to nature and catching game using just a bow and arrow, slingshot, snares and traps. Matt, who is adept at foraging his home in Wales, is taking on the challenge of finding exotic new produce including wild chiles, agave, acorns and herbs.