Channel 4 To Find Out What’s The Right Exercise For You?

Channel 4 has commissioned a one-off special What’s the Right Exercise for You? (w/t) from betty.

The programme will look at the latest fitness trends to help viewers identify which exercise is right for them.

Presented by Anna Richardson and Amar Latif and featuring cutting edge sport scientists, the show will be packed with specialist factual content and stunts designed to uncover the truth about fitness myths.

From running on a treadmill because it’s better for the knees or doing sit ups to give us abs – are we working out effectively or could there be a better way to exercise and get fit?

The NHS recommends that we all do 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week, with strength training on top of that, so Anna and Amar will investigate the hottest and most popular versions of both.

Is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) really a shortcut to getting fit? What on earth is bulking and shredding? And is yoga really anything more than just the latest trendy fad?  

Neil Smith, Joint Managing Director, betty, said: “This show will separate the fact from the fiction helping viewers to work out which fitness plan is suitable for them. Whether you’re a couch potato or a Tough Mudder, Anna and Amar will reveal What’s the Right Exercise for You?”

The programme was commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Features, Gill Wilson. Ceri Jones will executive produce for betty, and the series producer and director is Glenn Swift.