Channel 4 Commissions Super Couponers: Holiday (w/t), From betty

As summer sets in, families across the UK are gearing up for their much coveted summer holidays. But escaping to sunnier climes doesn’t come cheap. In this 1x60 pilot produced by betty, Channel 4 follows families who are dedicated to making as many savings as possible on their holidays.

From couponers to blaggers, penny pinchers to hard-core hagglers, these supersavers will do whatever it takes to cut costs for their week in the sun. Following two competing families in the lead up to and during their holiday at the same popular foreign destination, we’ll see who can make the most savings based on the average price of a holiday for the area.

Meanwhile, closer to home, the programme will also follow two couples on a ‘staycation’ here in the UK to see what savings can be made on getaways on our own shores.

Whether it’s maximising the free breakfast buffet at the hotel, shrewdly shopping for rental car deals, to saving up coupons to get into the best attractions and adding stop-overs onto air travel, the crucial verdict will not only be who has had the cheapest holiday, but also who had the best time and secured the best value for money over all.

Speaking on the commission, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor for Features, Kate Teckman said “SuperCouponers (WT) is a warm look at how we holiday in these cash strapped times and will give viewers the chance to learn from those who pride themselves on finding the best bargains.”

Executive producer, Eve Kay, for betty, said “Working with the Couponer community has been a real eye opener and a huge learning curve. There’s so much money you can save without compromising on a fun holiday.”