Channel 4 Commissions Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Specials (w/t) From betty

Channel 4 has commissioned Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Specials (wt), a 4 x 60’ series from betty. Behind the ornate front doors of these huge stately homes lie years of neglect and the owners are struggling to maintain the houses without the help of the domestic staff who have long since departed.

Often, a vast ancestral hoard of clutter going back several generations dominates the house, collecting yet more grime. Entire wings are uninhabitable and the home owners find it impossible to let go of treasured possessions which have been in their families for generations.

Over the course of a week the obsessive cleaners will work with the homeowners to help restore the houses to their former glory. Coming from homes that they clean compulsively several times a day, the cleaners will step outside their comfort zones, facing their worst fears to immerse themselves in the house and its daily life.

The series was commissioned by Channel 4 Features commissioning editor Kate Teckman. The executive producer is Eve Kay and the series producer is Kate Morey for betty.

Kate Teckman said: “All of our Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners are amazing and have already overcome huge fears that they never thought they would. To see them take on these even bigger cleans and challenges in this new series, shows what heroes they really are.”

Eve Kay said: “The dream of living in a grand country house appeals to millions of people but the reality of maintaining these homes can be a huge burden for those who actually live in them. In this new series a group of obsessive cleaners try to bring order to the chaos and transform tired stately homes back to their former glory.”


Production info

Production company: betty

Executive producer: Eve Kay

Commissioning genre: Features

Commissioning editor: Kate Teckman