betty commissioned to make new BBC Two series on Moving Animals

betty has been commissioned by Tom McDonald, acting Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History to make a new two part specialist factual series for BBC Two following the expert handlers entrusted with moving rare, dangerous and difficult to handle animals around the world.

With access to a range of specialist companies, zoos and aquariums, Penguins on a Plane: Great Animal Moves will explore how every creature, from crocodiles to bees, has its own unique set of transportation requirements. It will feature the logistical challenges associated with moving each animal and provide amazing insights into their unique anatomy.

Among the animals are a hippo on the move from a West Midlands safari park to a Zoo in France and 12 penguins going on a 12,000 mile plane journey from New Zealand to England in a refrigerated ‘penguin hotel’. Five million bees have been transported from Turin in Italy to populate apple orchards in the UK and three large and dangerous salt water crocodiles are making the journey from France to The Cotswolds.

The two x 60 series is executive produced by David Emerson for betty and Lucinda Axelsson, Executive Editor, Factual Commissioning for the BBC and the series producer is Jamie Simpson.

David Emerson, Head of Features at betty, said: “Penguins on a Plane: Great Animal Moves continues betty’s tradition of making exciting genre-breaking shows. It’s a specialist factual programme led by real world animal handlers rather than presenters. The combination of observational documentary and rich content is a great way to bring these big, fraught and sometimes dangerous moves to TV."

Lucinda Axelsson said: “This show for BBC Two reveals a fascinating world that the public never get to see and it's packed full of great animal and human characters.”