Alex Menzies
Alex Menzies Chief Creative Officer
Candice Gubbay
Candice Gubbay Head of Legal and Business Affairs
David Harrison
David Harrison Head of Factual and Adventure Formats
Daniella Berendsen
Daniella Berendsen Head of Factual Entertainment
Ian Carré
Ian Carré Executive Producer
Amy Dallmeyer
Amy Dallmeyer Joint Head of Development, Factual Entertainment & Entertainment
Sean O'Riordan
Sean O'Riordan Joint Head of Development, Factual
Nadine Furlong
Nadine Furlong Deputy Head of Development
Charlotte Permutt
Charlotte Permutt Production Manager
Aga Tusinska
Aga Tusinska Assistant Management Accountant
Kojo Aidoo
Kojo Aidoo Accounts Assistant